The Daily Scans Project

The initial purpose of this project was to make images that would change daily on my website. Early on, I scrapped the idea and decided to create one image a day that could be incorporated into other work, including printed portfolios. 

 The Daily Scans consist of things I find, make, or are given to me.  The primary goal is not to create a strict visual diary, but rather to sustain this scanning ritual over a long period of time. Now a decade long project, this endeavor has not only yielded a large library of images tied in varying degrees to my personal experiences, but also the presence of many unanticipated visual and thematic relationships between the images.

 The scans can be presented in various ways-chronologically, or thematically, printed and arranged on walls, in book form, projected, or most recently as scrolls, one for each month of images. Meta data associated with the images can be used to find patterns in the time scans were made depending on the seasons, etc.