Michael Yurgeles is an artist and educator.  He studied photography with Richard Merritt at the University of New Hampshire and Gary Metz at the Rhode Island School of Design. He has served on the faculties of the Wheeler, Dublin, Forman, and Gunnery Schools. Michael is currently Executive Director of Artwell, a community based art center in Torrington, Connecticut, and teaches photography at the Northwestern Connecticut Community College. Currently Michael lives in Torrington, Connecticut with his wife Nancy, two dogs, a cat, an iguana, and a guinea pig.


Artist’s Statement


Most of my projects are long term in nature and are concerned with examining the interconnections between nature, time, and memory. Technically, the majority of my work is rooted in photography. I use film cameras ranging from pinholes to large format models, as well as digital technologies, mixed media, and appropriated images.


Michael Yurgeles


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Portfolio I


Portfolio II








Mixed Media/Installations


Daily Scans


   Sand Circle. York, Maine. From Portfolio I

   Opening. Lagos, Portugal. From Portfolio II

  Joseph Yurgeles. From Present.

      Skull. Rara Avis, Costa Rica. From Labyrinth.

  3 Roots. From Radicalis.

       Untitled. From Night Mysteries.

     November 27, 2011. From Daily Scans.